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Friday, January 11, 2013

Weekend Outlook

A trail race and a few 5k's are on the book's for this lovely spring weekend:
A few of our friends are also running the Disney Half and Full Marathon. GOOD LUCK!

And, for anyone who hasn't heard, Bobby Mack narrowly out-kicked Tom Humphries and Ayad Lamdassem to win the 2013 Great Edinburgh Cross Country Meet.

And, what's worse than the Beer Mile? The Chocolate Milk Mile...

This makes me even more upset with my mile time!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

First Race Report of 2013!

Two opportunities to race this week = two opportunities for total domination!
  • Jennifer W. started off 2013 with a PR in the 5.5k, finishing up 3rd female in the Running of the Lights. Tom W. also ran well, "banking" a race for 2013! (results)
  • Brian F. and Thomas E. went 2-3 in the RITNY 5k, and Michelle H. and Laura B. were 2-4 on the female side. John G. ran great as well, and Lisa G. was 1st in her age group! (results)
  • Jennifer C. was 1st female in the Rocky Mount Resolution Run! (not sure where the results are posted)
  • Rita B. was 3rd female in the Frosty 25k, and Keith B. was 9th overall! Sean K. ran well in the 25k (top 20), and Brian F. put up a hard fight in the 50k. Our friend Brad B. placed 3rd in the 50k with a 13-min PR! (preliminary results)

Friday, January 4, 2013

Weekend Outlook

Time to dust off your racing shoes from Monday/Tuesday for the Frosty 25k/50k this Saturday (Winston-Salem, 8AM)! I know that we have several teammates competing, so good luck. The Ocean Isle 5k and Half Marathon is also on Saturday (Ocean Isle, 9AM).

I found a review of the Thumb Timer that Keith won earlier this fall. For those of you not familiar with the Thumb Timer, it's a timer that you wear on your thumb that you can use to, well, time stuff with. But not really. Actually, you have no clue how much time has gone by, only that a certain amount of time either has (denoted by a vibration, loud beep, and/or flashing light) or hasn't (denoted by nothing) gone by. So, it's uses for running are rather limited, it's uses for other things are also limited. Apparently, their choice of interval length leaves something to be desired, and those sporting it got some weird looks (so I guess the models on the packaging aren't real users). Oh well, it made me laugh, I can't believe they gave it 4 stars! 

p.s. As some of you might have noticed, I don't think I can keep up writing every weekday... my #1 New Year's Resolution is to graduate! I'll post stuff as I find it as best I can, and continue with the Weekend Outlook and Race Reports. - Meghan

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Training Log

As I sit here at the start of a new year, I have two running log books sitting on the desk before me.  One is full and offers reflection of the past year, a chronical of the miles completed and races run; and the other is empty, nothing but clean white sheets that hold the promise of many more miles to come, some long and slow, others that will end with the gasping of breath.  Some will be lonely, solitary miles of contemplation, while others will be shared with my best friends. 

I have always found it best when embarking on a new year or season to take full stock of the one just completed.  Before I plan where I am going, I need to know where I have been.  What did I learn this past year?  Did I meet my goals as they related to mileage, race results, PR's or maybe just a new race distance?  Did I learn something about fueling for long runs, pre-race nutrition, strength and flexibility training to stay healthy, race tactics?  A well kept running log will provide the answers to those questions. 

Now I'll be the first to admit that the content in my running log these days is much more scant than when I found myself trying to be competitive.  In those days, it read much like a daily journal, as I recorded every minute detail about each workout including not only the distance but the pace, temperature, location, terrain, others in attendance, shoe I was wearing and what I had to eat that day.  I kept track of every calorie taken in and burned and every mile logged on a pair of shoes so that I knew when to switch them out.  I also noted how the workout felt, if there were nagging aches and pains as well as what my peak and average heart rate rates were and how much time I spent in various HR zones.  I recorded my resting heart rate every morning and weighed in once a week. 

And when everything came together, when I had the right mix of training and fuel and rest that produced one of those rare days when running fast came without effort and I felt light and strong like I could run forever; I circled that day with a highlighter and tried to replicate all the things I had done before that day for my next big race.  In the end, I found this to be a much better pedictor of race performance than "did I remember to wear my lucky socks." 

As a statistician it pains me to say this, but a logbook is not just about the numbers.  Sure, it is helpful to keep track of your mileage to insure that you do not risk injury with overtraining, but it can be a much more useful tool than than.  We all respond differently to training loads, and the more you learn about yourself, the more you will be able to apply what your coaches throw at you in a usefull fashion. 

So, if you have not been diligent in keeping a running log, now is the chance to start the year afresh.  And if you have never kept one or rely solely on Mr. Garmin to tally the day's effort, now is the time to start.  As most of us are not professional runners but have lofty aspirations and running goals, it is important to make every workout count, and the more you know about yourself as an athlete, the better prepared you will be to make that happen. 

Well, I have a blank sheet of paper labeled January 1, 2013 staring at me, and I have a story to tell.  "Air temp was 45 degrees at the start with a slight drizzle when Newt, Dave, Mike and I headed down the Black Creek Greenway for a single track loop around Lake Crabtree..."

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

What's your New Year's Resolution?

We were talking the other day in work about our fitness related goals for 2013. We all came up with goals that fit into different categories- (1) run every day, (2) yearly mileage, and (3) run a PR in some distance. In my mind, we're only missing two categories- (4) try some new type of workout and (5) try some new type of race.

What's your goal for 2013? Discuss...

Monday, December 31, 2012

Eat This Now- Good Luck Food

Keith and I got to talking about New Year's Eve traditions one day on the way to the track. He said that they always ate black-eyed peas for good luck. I had never heard of that, but I had heard of eating (or trying to eat) 12 grapes, 1 for each ding of the clock at midnight. Turns out, there are other food myths... like not eating lobster (because they move backwards) and eating pork (because pigs eat moving forward) and sweets of all descriptions (circular ones are the best). In fact, there are a whole bunch of lucky foods, some of which are even pretty healthy!

Other traditions include toasting and a midnight kiss. In terms of luck, apparently you should wear old clothes and hope the wind is blowing from the south.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Weekend Outlook

Well... more of a Monday/Tuesday outlook... there's not many races going on on Saturday/Sunday: